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Telephone Consumer
Protection Act

If you received a ringless voicemail from a retailer or business you’ve never shopped with or never authorized to call you, legal help may be available and you could recover up to $1,500 in statutory damages. Save the message and call us at 312.853.2490 for more information.

Ringless voicemail messages are another form of telemarketing in which companies leave prerecorded voicemail messages on the cellphones of consumers to market a product or service. Using new technology, a voicemail message may be placed into a voicemail box without the user’s phone ever ringing and without there even being a missed call.

If these calls are made using a prerecorded or artificial voice to call someone on their cellphone without prior consent, these voicemails are illegal under federal law. Ringless voicemail systems send mass prerecorded messages to cellphone voicemail boxes. The technology is similar to the technology used to send text messages to cellphone users. It works by connecting with the voicemail server and dropping the message into the voicemail box. If the voicemail message is left on a cellphone, the user will receive a notification on their cellphone.

If you received a call that rings once followed by a voicemail, or a notification that you have a voicemail with no voice call associated with that voicemail, it is likely that you have been the target of a ringless voicemail drop. Call us at 312.853.2490 to discuss your legal rights.

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